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Youth Recreational

Practice schedules Spring 2021

All practices at Jumbo Evans Sports Park Soccer Fields

U4-6  Varies per coach/team

U7-8   Varies per coach/team

U9   Tuesday/Thursday 5:45pm 

U10 Tuesday/Thursday 5:45pm

U11 Tuesday/Thursday 5:30pm

U12 Tuesday/Thursday 5:30pm


Game Schedules

U4-6:  Saturdays @  9:00am - All games at Jumbo Evans soccer fields.

U7-8:  Saturdays @  10:30am-All games at Jumbo Evans soccer fields.


U9-10 and U11-12 : Schedule links below will be updated when received for Spring 2021

Rec players born 2009 through 2017:  

Spring 2021 Registration is now CLOSED


All players NEW in Spring 2021 will be required to purchase a uniform.  Please click on the link below to order the club uniform. The uniform will be delivered directly to your home.  U9 and older players need to wait to be assigned a number for their uniform (you should find your name).

Players who have previously played from Fall 2017- present DO NOT need to order a new uniform. Uniform Ordering U8 and Under Rec.

Team Search Bulverde, Click Bulverde Rangers Recreation, U8 and under click on Collection U8 and Below Rec, Enter Name of player, U9 and Up search Name under age group team

**Please Note when ordering uniforms for U8 and Under ONLY:  

Team and Player selections are not available and do not need to be selected to purchase uniforms.  

Rec Soccer - Spring 2021

Younger Rec (U4 through U8) Older Rec (U9 through U12)
Player Ages DOBs 2013 through 2017 DOBs 2009 through 2012
Fall 2020 Club Fee $100.00-$125.00 $150.00
Uniform Cost Estimated $35.00 + S/H Approx. $35,00 + S/H
Open Spring 2021 Registration 01/05/2021 01/05/2021
Close Spring 2021 Registration TBD based on volunteers/filling teams TBD based on filling teams
Coaching Parent Volunteer Coach(es) will coach and train their team. Parent Volunteer Coach(es) will coach and train their team.
Practices begin Week of 03/01/2021 Week of 03/01/2021
First Game 03/20/2021 03/20/2021
Where are games held? 100% at Jumbo Evans 50% Jumbo Evans, 50% at other clubs' fields
Matches scheduled on Saturday mornings only Mostly Saturday; generally no more than two matches scheduled per season on Sunday afternoons
Rain out Make up Games The following Sunday at the originally scheduled game time TBD
Qty of Games 8-10 8-10
Final Game 05/22/2021 05/22/2021
Soccer ball size Size 3 Size 4
Questions? Contact Kyle Powell - Kyle Powell -

The BYSA Youth Recreational Program

Program Purpose

The BYSA Recreational program is a fun-based program that both introduces the game of soccer to our younger players and allows older players who do not wish to participate in a competitive environment the opportunity to continue playing. Unlike Competitive (i.e. Select) soccer, scores are not kept and there are no standings since the Rec program is about enjoying the game without the focus on competition. Each player receives equal playing time and a balanced amount of time in different areas of the field. Through our Rec program, BYSA is committed to ensuring that the introduction of soccer to our young players is based on having fun while learning the fundamentals of the game. We also hope that by providing a positive and enjoyable experience we can cultivate an appreciation for the game of soccer to keep young players interested for years to come.

Format of Play

All Rec programs utilize small-sided game formats which encourages learning in a fun and positive environment with the added excitement of more action for all kids. Small-sided games are created to maximize active participation and touches on the ball by having fewer players on a smaller field. BYSA believes that our young kids simply learn by playing and this allows the game to be the teacher. Our U5 (five and under), U6 and U7/U8 age groups all play  4 v 4 with no goalie.  The U10 age group plays 7 v 7 with a goalie. U12 age groups play 9 v 9 with a goalie. As the players move up in age, the field and goal sizes also increase along with the number of players.

Age Divisions

Players are sorted into age groups based on their Year of Birth. No players will be permitted to play down once they have reached the next age division. Also, parents wishing to play a child up one age level may petition the Board for an exemption. In the interest of safety, factors such as the child’s size and experience will be considered before allowing younger kids to play up with older, bigger and more skilled players. 


Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Recreational Age Divisions

U4 - Birth Year is 2017 - Div IV Rec

U5 - Birth Year is 2016 – Div IV Rec

U6– Birth Year is 2015 - Div IV Rec

U7 – Birth Year is 2014 - Div IV Rec or Academy

U8 – Birth Year is 2013 - Div IV Rec or Academy

U9 – Birth Year is 2012 - Div III Rec or Academy

U10 – Birth Year is 2011 - Div III Rec or Academy

U11 – Birth Year is 2010 - Div III Rec

U12 – Birth Year is 2009 - Div III Rec

Fees and Equipment

The recreational program fees for the Spring 2021 season is $100.00-$150.00 per player, depending on age group. Included in the fee is the required insurance premium, fee to play under Alamo Area Youth Soccer Association, fee to play under South Texas Youth Soccer and to cover grounds maintenance and facility improvements at Jumbo Evans Sports Park. As a non-profit, community organization BYSA charges only the amount needed to cover operating expenses and contingency costs. Our fees are very competitive with other clubs and we strive to offer a great value and experience for our families.

Uniforms ordered separately:  All Rec players (U4 through U12) that are new to Bulverde Soccer will need to purchase a new uniform via  The current uniform was first used for Fall 2017 ... and any player returning from Fall 2017 - Present can reuse their old uniform.  This uniform will continue to be used for at least the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 season as well. 

The only other pieces of equipment that are required at the player's expense are shin guards, soccer cleats and their own ball that must be brought to all practices. U4-U8 players use a size 3 ball, U9-U12 players need a size 4 ball.  

Games and Practices

Our Recreational teams, like our Select and Academy teams, are based at the beautiful fields of Jumbo Evans Sports Park on 281 N in Spring Branch.

All games for U4/U5, U6 and U7/U8 teams are scheduled for Saturday mornings at Jumbo Evans against other teams within BYSA.

U9/U10 and U11/U12 divisions will have at least half of their games at Jumbo Evans but will be required to travel to other clubs as well. Also, games can be scheduled on both Saturdays and Sundays for these older age groups.

Practice days, times and locations for each Rec team is set by the team's coach. During the registration process, BYSA will not know what the practice schedule for each team will be so we cannot place players on teams based on when they are able to practice.  To request that your player be placed on a team with one (1) of their friends, please try to add that in the Notes field during online registration.

In general, all U8 and younger teams will practice once a week in a pool training session.   Our U9/U10 and U11/U12 teams will have at least one practice per week and occasionally two practices if the coach desires to do so. These may also be pool sessions.


If you have any questions or need additional information about the BYSA Recreational Program, please contact our VP of Rec, Kyle Powell, by email at